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An experienced editor who specializes in long & short fiction projects, memoir, health and wellness writing, cultural narratives, YA, and fantasy, Rebecca offers clients help with content
development and structure as well as feedback designed to generate new ideas and hone craft.

She provides line edits, detailed commentary, and coaching services to emerging writers.
For more information on working with her, contact Rebecca via email or Facebook.

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Working with Rebecca was exactly what I needed to revive my project from the waste pile. She was supportive, engaged, professional, and always seemed to have the right prompts to help me bring my story to life.


Her constructive criticism was always productive and her care to share what she loved about the work really helped me ‘keep the faith’ when it got hard. I can honestly say that I may have never finished my book without her help and I would recommend you reach out to her no matter where you are in your writing process. She was a joy to work with and I’m grateful to have found her!



Amy Mermaid

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